Hip Replacement Doctor Questions and Answers

Hip Replacement Doctors in Massapequa, NY

If your hip is still in pain after trying conservative treatments, you may benefit from a hip replacement. Paul (Dr. D) Dicpinigaitis in Massapequa, NY is an experienced orthopedic surgeon known for his ability to improve form and function. For more information, call us now or schedule an appointment online.

Hip Replacement Doctor Near Me in Massapequa, NY
Hip Replacement Doctor Near Me in Massapequa, NY

Table of Contents:

What is a hip replacement doctor called?
How long does it take for a total hip replacement surgery?
Who needs hip replacement surgery?
Is Hip Replacement major surgery?

The hips are essential joints that play a large role in the ability to walk, run, swim and move. Because they undergo a lot of strain over the course of one’s life, the hip joint can begin to wear down, which can result in limited motion and persistent pain. While conservative treatment can offer some relief, in some cases, a hip replacement is the best solution to ensure long term relief and function.

What is a hip replacement doctor called?

Although there is no special name for a hip replacement doctor or even for a hip specialist, orthopedic surgeons effectively assume both titles as they are the most qualified of any medical professional to perform hip replacement surgeries. Not only do orthopedic surgeons specialize in treating the hips, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience when treating any joint in the body, with expertise that reaches beyond and applies to the entire musculoskeletal system. Therefore, an orthopedic surgeon can be referred to as a specialist of any joint, provided they are experienced at treating the specified joint.

How long does it take for a total hip replacement surgery?

Typically, hip replacement surgery takes two hours. However, each operation’s time frame depends on the severity of the condition being treated and any complications that may arise during the operation. Total hip replacements take longer to perform than partial hip replacements.

The recovery period also varies from patient to patient and is dependent upon a number of factors, including:

• The condition being treated
• The severity of the condition being treated
• The patient’s overall health
• If the patient has a medical condition that could interfere with the procedure
• How the patient responds to treatment

On average, the recovery period for hip replacement surgery can take around two to four weeks, although this number can greatly vary.

Who needs hip replacement surgery?

You may need hip surgery, if:

• Your pain persists or recurs over time
• Your hip aches during and after exercise
• You are not as mobile as you would like to be
• Medication and using a cane do not provide relief
• Your hip stiffens up from sitting for too long
• You feel pain in rainy weather
• The pain prevents you from sleeping
• You feel a decrease in hip motion
• Your hip is stiff or swollen
• You have difficulty walking or climbing stairs
• You have difficulty getting in and out of a sitting position, such as a chair or the bathtub
• You experience morning stiffness (less than 30 minutes)
• You feel a “grating” of your joint
• You had a previous injury to your hip

Is Hip Replacement major surgery?

Yes, hip replacement is a major surgery. It requires anesthesia and a recovery period. Although it can take several weeks, or even months, to recover from a hip replacement, patients report increased mobility and range of motion, decreased pain and inflammation and overall better quality of life.

If you or someone you love has tried other treatments for hip pain without success, a hip replacement may be what you need to find relief. Our qualified orthopedic surgeon is experienced at performing hip replacements and can help restore your form and function. Paul (Dr. D) Dicpinigaitis is well-known for his patient-centered approach and the time he takes to care for each patient. Call us today to book an appointment. We look forward to serving you!

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